Bigfoot Networks And PowerColor Create GPU/NIC Combo Card

To date, Bigfoot Networks has remained mostly a niche company. Only hardcore gamers know about them, and even fewer are willing to pay north of $100 for a high-end NIC card. Bigfoot Networks has had a relatively simple product line over the years: a high-end network card here, and a revamped high-end network card there. You get the drift, we're sure.

But now the company is trying to break out in a big way, with a new partnership shedding light on how the company may eventually find themselves involved in other areas. Just as the CPU/GPU were able to overlap in time, Bigfoot Networks is looking beyond the Killer line of network cards by teaming with TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of ATI graphics cards under the PowerColor brand. The companies will be jointly introducing a new Gaming Combo Card at Computex, which is said to combine "best of breed" PC graphics and networking for online gaming."

The card at the show will only be a prototype, but it has potential for gamers interested in raising their frame rates and lowering their ping times, which is just about all of them. The Gaming Combo Card is the world's first single card, PCI Express solution combining Bigfoot Networks' Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card technology and ATI Radeon HD 5000 graphics family technology. Aside from great visual performance and DirectX 11 support, there's also the card's ability to classify "network traffic and separates game data for priority treatment, while reducing freezing, stuttering and other symptoms of lag."

Obviously, no mention of price has been announced yet, as this is still very early-on in design.