Big Reveal: Facebook May Add Video to Instagram

Something's brewing at Facebook, and as we reported last week, the social networking service is planning a launch event for June 20, 2013. Early speculation suggested the big reveal would be a news reader, which would fill a ginormous void left by the shuttering of Google Reader. However, sources say Facebook has something else up its sleeve.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook is likely to unveil a new video shooting and sharing feature to Instagram. Similar to Twitter's Vine service, Instagram videos would be short clips between 5 second and 10 seconds long. While nothing has yet been confirmed, if this happens, you can probably expect a collection of filters, too.


Before you get your hopes up, TechCrunch warns that the leaked info could amount to little more than a red herring, as Facebook is hoping to keep details of its upcoming reveal a secret. However, adding video to Instagram is a move that makes sense. Vine is hugely popular, more so than Instagram on Twitter (in part because Twitter blocks inline views of Instragram photos) even though Instagram has over 100 million users. Equally important, however, is that adding videos to Instragram could make the service more attractive for advertisers to jump on board.