Big Discount On Glasswire Pro for PC In The HotHardware Shop

If you're in need of a comprehensive system and network monitoring utility, we've got a great deal running in the HotHardware Shop that may be right up your alley. Glasswire Pro for PC is currently 70% off and available for only $29...
glasswire deal

Glasswire Pro visualizes your current and past network activity on a gorgeous, easy-to-read graph. By studying this graph, you’ll have full visibility into what your computer is actually doing in the background. You’ll find out just what applications are sending private data, and use that info to put a stop to any suspicious activity. The graph Glasswire provides isn’t as tedious as other firewall monitors; it’s so aesthetically pleasing that you’ll actually look forward to keeping an eye on your network traffic.
  • Monitors your server activity remotely
  • Reveals all your network activity so you can see what’s going on in the background
  • Works w/ your antivirus to give you extra security
  • Monitors 3 of your PCs at one time
  • Provides 10 remote connections
  • Uses limited system resources so it doesn’t slow down your computer
  • Alerts you to new network & suspicious activity
  • Visualizes your current and past network traffic
  • Scrolls all of your network info in real time
  • Detects who or what is using your web cam & mic
  • Alerts you to who’s on your Wi-Fi or network
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