BeyondTrust Tames Vista's UAC Pop-Ups

One of the first things we did upon installing Windows Vista was to turn of the User Account Control (UAC). Why? Because we didn't want all the pop-ups generated by the darn thing. And most people we know have turned it off as well. If we were to be generous, we would say the pop-ups are confusing.  If we were to be honest, we would say they are annoying. 
"The things that were scaring us away from Vista were the hardware requirements and UAC," says Omar Ghneim, network administrator for EXCO Resources, an energy company based in Dallas. "We tried Vista on a few administrators' machines, but they couldn't handle the pop-ups and we went back to XP the next day."

Ghneim says he could not even run a command line without a pop-up. But after evaluating the UAC add-on to his 3-year-old Privilege Manager deployment, the company decided to go ahead with a Vista rollout.
Of course, consumers aren't going to buy this software; for them, the easiest course is still to turn off UAC, unless they want to suffer.
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