Bethesda Teases Fallout 4 Update Goodness, DLC And Survival Mode Overhaul

Fallout 4

In a series of tweets, Fallout 4 developer Bethesda has teased some of the game's upcoming content, while giving fans little to go on (as usual). When asked about an update regarding the release of Creation Kit, Pete Hines, Bethesda PR, said, "We're pretty close to divulging details." We're not given a timeframe, but are told that it "Won't be much longer." The response to the DLC question is much the same: "We're not far off."

One of the neatest additions FO4 fans have to look forward to is an overhauled survival mode. An official tweet notes that anything important or major in life will be reflected here, from food to sleep to disease to general danger. It almost sounds like this could double as a good "life simulator."

Fallout 4 Ambient Occlusion

While working on these forthcoming content updates, Bethesda has also been hard at work on patches that improve the overall experience of the game. With the 1.3 patch that was released last week for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Bethesda managed to improve the graphics - at least on the draw distance front.

The video in the tweet below helps highlight some of the improvements, but even the thumbnail is a good gauge. In the "after" shot, a red tower in the background can be seen, whereas in the pre-patch game, it's effectively invisible. In a game as immersive as Fallout 4, that kind of improved draw distance is appreciated.

As we reported at the start of the month, the PC version of Fallout 4 was recently treated to a patch that introduced some goodies for owners of NVIDIA graphics cards. At the forefront there was HBAO+ support, as well as new weapon debris effects. The patch also added the ability to view a status menu for settlers as well as bundle in some interaction improvements.

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