Bethesda Delays Elder Scrolls Online Console Release By "About 6 Months"

It has been rumored recently that Bethesda would have to push back the release date of Elder Scrolls Online for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so this official news isn't surprising. What is, though, is the fact that the game's being pushed back an entire six months. This is sure to come as a disappointment to those who had plans to spend some of their summer in Bethesda's latest virtual world.

Delays like these are never taken lightly, and in the case of this one, Bethesda simply had no choice. The company has been best familiar with online games that were bound for the PC and Mac, where there are fewer networking restrictions and hurdles to jump over compared to the consoles. In an email sent to fans, the company acknowledges that the major issue here is getting the game to work well on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live - something that's sure to upset fans further because this seems like something that should be easy to deal with.

Bethesda's news isn't all bad, though. The company has worked with both Sony and Microsoft to allow for a bit of a unique and very attractive deal: Those who purchase ESO for the PC or Mac before the end of June will have the option to switch over to the PS4 or XBO version once it becomes available, for $20. Better still, your characters will be transferred, and you'll be given a free month of gameplay.

While the delay is frustrating to many, I'm sure, Bethesda definitely seems to be going about things the right way. We wish more game publishers would take the same route more often.