Best Buy Launches $499 Presale Of Wi-Fi HTC Flyer Tablet

The tablet market couldn't be any hotter if it tried, and while HTC has focused largely on smartphones over the years, the company's still diving into those crowded tablet waters with the launch of the Flyer. The Wi-Fi only version of the tablet has been talked about for months, but there's been no real clear indication of how much it'd cost Americans and when it would be available here.

Now, we know. Thanks to a Best Buy page on the device, we're told that the Flyer will cost $499 and will ship this week. Of course, it'll only ship with Android 2.3 (and a healthy dose of Sense), and if it's the Wi-Fi only model you crave, BB will be the only place to get it -- at least at first.

The pre-sales begin today at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile standalone stores, but are you really willing to plop down that much cash on a non-Honeycomb tablet? We're guessing it won't be an easy decision.