Berkeley Does YouTube

Most educators agree that most, if not all, people will fall into one of three categories based on the way their mind acquires and stores new information best: visual learners, auditory learners, and tactile learners.  Many educational institutions try their best to include a decent balance of all three aspects in an attempt to make sure that just about everyone can remember what they've been taught.

Enter Berkeley, the same school where The Woz used to attend classes and occasionally hawk devices that allowed hippies to make free long distance phone calls, who is now planning on offering classes on YouTube.  This is likely to be great for anyone who's been listening to podcasts of Berkley courses (available via iTunes since '01) but hasn't been able to retain much.

While the courses are free, it seems that your choice in subjects is a little slim:

“University offerings at the dedicated YouTube channel include peace and conflict studies, bioengineering courses, and a science class titled "Physics for Future Presidents."

"UC Berkeley on YouTube will provide a public window into university life: academics, events and athletics," said vice provost for undergraduate education Christina Maslach.

The University plans to continually add videos to the channel, which officially launched Wednesday with about nine full courses consisting of approximately 40 lectures each.”

If you're a tactile learner you can always try to save up a few dollars and go to Berkeley and do things yourself.
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