BenQ Joins ASUS In The 540Hz High Club With Its Zowie XL2586X Gaming Monitor

BenQ's Zowie XL2586X gaming monitor in front of a stone cliff background.
BenQ is joining an exclusive club with the release of its Zowie XL2586X gaming monitor. Built around a 'Fast-TN' panel with DyAc 2 technology, it's one of only two displays (that we're aware of) to jump over the 500Hz refresh rate mark and land at a blistering 540Hz. The only other one is the ASUS ROG Swift Pro PG248QP. Which one is better?

That's not something we can confidently determine until if and when we get a chance to put them both through their paces. What we can do, however, is compare the specifications. In doing so, there are several similarities between these two 24.1-inch displays. Technically, BenQ lists its new monitor as being 24.1 to 24.5 inches, but let's not quibble over 0.4 inches.

Both displays take aim at esports players with a not-so-demanding 1920x1080 resolution. Visual fidelity typically takes a back seat to raw speed when it comes to competitive gaming, especially at the pro level. Sticking with 1080p also means there's a better shot at actually tapping into the display's speed potential, versus trying to hit triple-digit framerates at a more demanding 4K or even 1440p resolution.

"Our newly developed panel effectively reduces overshoot which is caused by aggressive liquid crystal overdrive under certain circumstances on conventional panels. The greatest benefit of Fast-TN technology is recovery speed from flashbangs, to see enemy outlines earlier," BenQ states.

BenQ is also talking up its DyAc 2 (Dynamic Accuracy) technology that's intended to reduce motion blur and reduce screen shaking. According to BenQ, this can be a boon in improving recoil control in games like CS:GO.

Connectivity options include three HDMI 2.1 ports, a single DisplayPort 1.4 input, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. There's no mention of internal speakers or a built-in USB hub, so can only assume those features are not present on this display. There's also no mention of HDR support or the monitor's color gamut, only that it features a "vivid color film" that purportedly "improves color performance by 35%."

The biggest omission, however, is the price. In contrast, the aforementioned ROG Swift Pro PG248QP can be found for $899, albeit on backorder. That display offers the same resolution and max refresh rate, while also offering NVIDIA G-Sync and Reflex Analyzer support. For BenQ's monitor to be compelling, it would really need to undercut that price point.

BenQ's Zowie XL2586X also going up against fast IPS displays like Dell's Alienware AW2524H for $497.77 and the newer Alienware AW2524HF (1080p, 500Hz) for $549.99. That said, BenQ claims its display is "sharper and clearer" than 500Hz IPS monitors, as it attempts to demonstrate in the video above.