Belkin Makes Any Headphones Compatible With iPod Shuffle

As you probably know, Apple's iPod shuffle created quite a stir when it was introduced with no screen and no buttons. How are you really supposed to control it, after all? Of course, Apple's innovative (and hampering, in some ways) solution was VoiceOver, a system that enables owners to shout commands and have it respond accordingly.

Unfortunately, this svelte workaround presents a problem: you can only use the headphones which Apple ships with the shuffle, as no other headphones have that VoiceOver chip built in. Of course, a few companies have introduced their own VoiceOver-capable earbuds in the interim, but what if you're not looking to buy new 'buds? Fret not, as Belkin has you covered.

Today, the accessory company has announced its simply named Headphone Adapter, which  includes the control buttons you need to change tracks and adjust volume, while still using the headset of your choice. Think of it as a direct link from your favorite cans to the shuffle. This in-line solution enables you to plug any headphones in yet still retain control over the shuffle--it's the best of both worlds, in a sense. It's shipping any day now in North America for $19.99, while Europe, Asia and Australia will have to wait until mid-August.

Headphone Adapter for iPod shuffle (F8Z452) - $19.99

  • Play/Pause: Single-Click
  • Next track: Double-Click
  • Previous track: Triple-Click
  • Hear title and artist of song playing (VoiceOver): Press and hold the multifunction button
  • Move between playlists (VoiceOver): Press and hold, and then release the multifunction button after you hear a tone. Click to select playlist.

This accessory is compatible with the following iPod models:

  • iPod shuffle, 3rd generation, 4GB