Belkin Intros Three New Travel Mice

It's the summer, and if you've planning on traveling any--on vacation or otherwise--you'll probably be wishing you had some sort of mouse to carry along with your laptop. In case any of the other ones that have come out recently weren't quite your cup of tea, Belkin has a few newcomers that just might be.

The Wireless Comfort Mouse and the Bluetooth Comfort Mouse are both designed for comfort and easy portability, with the former packing a USB dongle for cord-free operating, an all-terrain optical engine to mouse on any surface and a power-save mode puts mouse to sleep after 8 minutes of inactivity. It'll ship this month to the Americas and next month elsewhere for $29.99.

The Bluetooth Comfort Mouse obviously utilizes Bluetooth to connect sans a cable, and the scroll wheel works both vertically and horizontally. The addition of BT means that this one will ring up at $49.99. Finally, the Retractable Comfort Mouse is a corded version of the first mouse mentioned here, but it's the bargain hunter's choice at just $19.99.