Belkin Debuts TuneCast Auto Live FM Transmitter

Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 hasn't even hit the scene yet, and already Belkin is introducing a product that'll take full advantage of the new functionality. We're not trying to read too far between the lines, but maybe Belkin knows a thing or two about Monday (WWDC) that we don't? At any rate, the new TuneCast Auto Live FM transmitter improves upon past designed by utilizing a new ClearScan Live software application, which enables iPod touch and iPhone owners to find a clear FM channel more easily.

For those that have tried these devices in the past, particularly in large cities, you'll know that finding a clear channel for operating is next to impossible. Belkin's hoping to change all that with its ClearScan Live, which is the first app to use an iPhone application to "control FM transmission and utilize GPS coordinates to determine the clearest FM frequency at the user's location." In other words, this actually taps into your iPhone or iPod touch in order to auto-select the best FM frequency to transmit on, leaving your concentration on the road and your frustration at home.

This genius product is set to ship in early fall in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia for $79.99; here's hoping iPhone OS 3.0 is well distributed by then.