Beer AI Makes Better Tasting Brew Based On Your Feedback

It's clear that in the future, autonomous driving isn't just going to be a thing, it's going to be popular (well, probably). For obvious reasons, not everyone likes that idea, because AI-powered driving takes away an important aspect of driving: the driving, and the satisfaction that comes from it. Well, if you're in that camp, and you also happen to love beer, or perhaps crafting your own, your future is looking mighty bleak. Yes, even beer can't escape the grasp of automation.

Last fall, we learned that NVIDIA GPUs were being employed to help create the perfect brew, and now, we learn of another instance where high-tech equipment is being used for the exact same thing. Here, though, the focus is more on AI than the tech that helps make that AI work.

AI Beer

A small startup based in the UK, called IntelligentX, has a unique idea: let people decide how beer is made and what they want in a beer, and then let AI take over and brew it. The beer, aptly called "AI", adjusts its recipe over time, based entirely on feedback provided from consumers. The idea is that in time, a "perfect" beer can be crafted, one that a great number of people could agree on and enjoy, born of continuous refinement, based input fed back from humans.

Of course, there can't truly be a "perfect" beer. While you might love hoppy IPAs, others might lean towards malty beers, like porters and stouts. Still, if we split each flavor of beer into its own category, then it stands to reason that technology like this could be used to help create a great version for each brew type and pallet. 

For myriad reasons, the future is going to be very interesting. Now we can add beer to the list of reasons why. Cheers!