Beeper Mini For Android Pops Apple iPhone’s Blue Bubble Exclusivity

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As Android smartphone owners wait for Apple to implement RCS support to its iPhones, they can take advantage of an app called Beeper Mini that will get rid of the green bubbles when texting with an iPhone user. Beeper Mini: Chat With iPhones brings many of the features of iMessage to an Android phone, and without having to sign-in with an Apple ID.

Apple announced last month that it will begin to support Rich Communication Services (RCS) in the near future. Currently, when an Android user sends a text message to an iPhone user, it arrives as a regular SMS, instead of being intercepted and routed through Apple's servers like one sent from one iPhone to another. This means that messages sent from an Android user to an iPhone user lacks many of the features iPhone users are privy to, such as read receipts and high-resolution media. The Beeper Mini app claims to resolve this issue.

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Some features that Beeper Mini says it adds to Android users sending messages to iPhones are:
  • Sending and receiving blue bubble messages from an Android phone number. 
  • Full size photos and videos, plus replies and reactions. Join iPhone-only group chats. 
  • Secure and private, with end-to-end encryption. 
  • Sync existing iMessages across multiple Android or iOS devices, including MacBooks and iPads. 
  • Read receipts, typing indicators, emoji reactions, media and galleries and more.
Users of the app need only to sign-in with their phone number, and are not required to have an Apple ID. However, if someone has an Apple ID, they can choose to sign-in with it as well. Perhaps the most anticipated feature that Android users want is getting rid of the green bubble. When using the app and sending a message to an iPhone user, it will show in the coveted blue bubble that Apple is loathe to share outside of its iMessage ecosystem.

Beeper Mini: Chat With iPhones has a seven day free trial that can be cancelled anytime. Anyone who keeps the app after the free trial will have to ante up $1.99 per month to continue using it. It should also be noted that Beeper Mini requires SMS and Call Log permissions in order to verify a user’s phone number, as well as sync existing SMS conversations and convert them to iMessage chats.