Beats Studio Buds Are Selling Like Hot Cakes With This Deal And A New Android Trick

apple beats studio buds new colors
It has been clear that the Beats Studio Buds have done well since their release this past summer. However, we now have official confirmation and some other good news to boot. Beats not only announced that the Studio Buds are its most popular product, but that the Studio Buds will soon include new Android features.

Beats remarked that the Studio Buds have globally been its “fastest-selling product to date.” The Studio Buds have likely been popular for two reasons. First, Studio Buds are compatible with both iOS and Android devices, unlike many Apple products. Second, their price is fairly reasonable and they frequently go on sale. It is therefore unsurprising that Beats has already released new colors.

All three new colors for the Studio Buds will cost $149.99 USD each. This is the same price as the existing Studio Buds. All three of the new colors, as well as the three older colors, can be purchased on Apple’s website and in stores. However, certain colors are also being sold at specific retailers. They are as follows:
  • Moon Gray will be available at Amazon
  • Ocean Blue will be available at Best Buy
  • Sunset Pink will be available at Target
apple beats studio buds colors ad
You can also currently find the red, black, and white Studio Buds on sale right now on Amazon for $119.99 USD (20% off). The new colors are not discounted. However, this is a good deal if you like the older colors. 

The new colors are certainly a fun addition, but most users are more excited about the latest features. Android device users will now be able to locate their ear buds with “Locate My Beats.” Users will be able to track the Studio Buds, the Fit Pro, and products that are supported by the app. This particular feature has long been available on iOS devices, but it is good to hear that it will soon be on Android devices too.

It will also be possible for Android users to add a widget to their device that can track the ear bud’s battery life or switch between various listening modes such as noise canceling. The widget will make it so that Android users do not need to open up the Beats app for most actions. It is unclear when all of these new features will be available, but an app update will likely come soon.

Images courtesy of Apple/Beats