‘Beardgate’ And ‘Hairgate’ iPhone 6 Users Complain Apple’s New Bauble Is Pulling Out Their Hair

After the debacle that was "Bendgate", I'm sure Apple would have been fine going the rest of this iPhone generation without further hassles - but sometimes business (and life) just doesn't work like that. What now? "Beardgate" and "Hairgate', issues humorous in name, but not so humorous for their victims.

It's hard to argue that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are great-looking smartphones, but for some, its seams are becoming a bit too much. A number of users have taken to Twitter to make their woeful tale heard, and as someone who sports a beard more often than not, I can relate to their plight.

The latest iPhones are not the only devices that can catch your bear hair, of course, it's just that with everything else to plague the latest iPhones launch, it's a little more noticeable. In truth, even poorly-made third-party cases can have this effect on a beard, and likewise, using a good one on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus could rid the issue just as well.