Barnes and Noble Rolls Out Free NOOK Video for Android and iOS

Barnes & Noble may be scaling back its NOOK hardware business as Amazon, Apple and Google eat up whatever remains of the tablet market, but that doesn't mean that it's ditching the brand entirely. The company has just launched a suite of free NOOK Video Apps for iOS, Android and Roku devices. The apps enable customers to watch movies and TV shows from NOOK Video instantly on a wide variety of mobile devices, and moreover, customers with the NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color will now have access to NOOK Video through a specially designed app that will automatically appear in customers’ lockers starting today.

Streaming video seems to be all of the rage these days, and now that B&N is joining the bandwagon, it's safe to say that the flood gates are officially open wide. The NOOK Video library is a growing one, with rentals and purchases allowed without a subscription. In this sense, it operates like iTunes; you pay for only what you view. Additionally, customers can easily shift their viewing experience across their connected devices by starting a movie or TV show on one device and then picking up exactly where they left off on another device linked to their account.

NOOK Video’s UltraViolet integration provides customers the ability to view their previously and newly purchased UltraViolet-enabled movies and TV shows on all NOOK tablet devices, and through the NOOK Video Apps. So, have a look in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store if you want... that is, if you really need another source of video.