Barnes & Noble Stores Becoming "Magic Places" For Angry Birds Users

If all else fails... Angry Birds! It's a game that has seemingly taken over the entire universe, and while the reasons may never fully be understood, it's not like that really matters. If you're Barnes & Noble, and you're looking to get more and more people into your stores, you turn to whatever works. The company’s bookstores will be the world’s first Angry Birds “Magic Places,” bringing enhanced game play NOOK Color users in-store. NOOK Color with the Angry Birds NOOK App can exclusively unlock the Mighty Eagle character to their arsenal at no cost for in-store gameplay.

In other words, Angry Birds addicts will have no choice but to steer themselves to a nearby B&N retail store if they're hoping to get this new character. It's a brilliant ploy, and we wouldn't be surprised if it works. Over 700 B&N stores will be taking part in the scheme, and we're guessing that a slew of stores will be following suit soon. Those bandwagons...gotta hop on 'em!