Barnes & Noble Releases Firmware Upgrade For NOOKcolor

Barnes & Noble has released a small, bug significant firmware upgrade for the NOOKcolor. The new firmware fixes some bugs and adds a few new features including the ability to pinch-and-zoom from the Web browser. On its Website, Barnes & Noble provided a brief description for the update:

Barnes & Noble is providing a minor update to NOOKcolor firmware that will improve NOOKcolor's Wi-Fi connectivity; improve Home and Shop performance; add the ability to pinch and zoom in browser; enhance the reading experience for magazines and children's books; add a text banner to easily identify NOOK kids Read To Me books; and other general bug fixes and performance improvements. The software update is available immediately via a manual download here and will also be delivered via an automatic download for devices connected to Wi-Fi, over the next few days.

The NOOKcolor Ver1.1.0 update also includes the ability to access NOOKcolor related information and support tips on a new default browser home page and the ability to reduce mistyped passwords with a "show password" option during registration and Wi-Fi set up.