Barf Bags Optional! 360-Degree Videos Come To YouTube

Google enhanced the YouTube experience in early February with the launch of multiple camera angles for videos. Although there was just one video on display at launch — a live performance by Madilyn Bailey — it gave users a whole new way to plunge themselves into streaming content. Now, Google is taking video immersion to a whole new level with the introduction of 360-degree videos.

What makes 360-degree videos so interesting is that you can look around in all directions while video content it playing to see more of your surroundings. Strap on Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR and it would be like you’re right in the middle of the action.


“You could let viewers see the stage and the crowd of your concert, the sky and the ground as you wingsuit glide, or you could even have a choose-your-own-adventure video where people see a different story depending on where they look,” said members of the YouTube Creators Blog. “Only you know what’s possible.”

YouTube 360-degree videos are currently supported with the following four cameras:

  • Giroptic 360cam
  • IC Real Tech Allie
  • Kodak SP360
  • Ricoh Theta

You can view some examples of the 360-degree video experience in the following two clips below:

You can navigate around the video as its plays using the controls in the top-left of your screen if you don’t have a VR capable device to strap on your head.

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