Bad Boy Teacher Gets Suspended For Jamming Student's Cellphones In Class

I am sure most of us have been there. We're in a situation where people should keep their phones in their pockets, but instead, they're in their hands -- distracting themselves from what's going on, and possibly distracting others. I'm not sure anyone would understand this kind of scenario better than a teacher. But how many teachers would go to the length of bringing a cellular jamming device to school?

Well, there's at least one in Florida. A science teacher in Pasco County got fed up with students not paying attention in class, and decided to do something about it. Unfortunately, the jammer he brought into school was a lot more powerful than he realized. Not only did it jam the signals beyond his classroom and into others, it even affected some of the area outside of the school.

Cell Phone Jammer
Cell Phone Jammer; Flickr: Baishampayan Ghose

It's hard to argue the intentions of the teacher, but jamming cell signals is hugely illegal, and for good reason. With their signals jammed, these students would have been unable to receive serious phone calls or text messages -- really the only good reason to keep a phone around while in class. But this teacher made things way worse by affecting much more than only his own classroom.

Fortunately for him, all this cost was a 5-day suspension, as Verizon decided to not press charges for effectively throttling its network in that area.