Back To The Future - Ink And Paper For The New Millenium

Kevin Kelly's Cool Tool review of Wacom's Cintq monitor/tablet is full of complaints. It's too expensive. It's too heavy. Too Bulky. But after drawing right on the screen, like a pen and ink photoshop, the Cintq gets the ultimate good review: I should have bought one years ago.

Based on comics master Scott McCloud's recommendation (below), I bought a Cintiq. It does something I've always wanted to do since I first saw a computer. This thing is a pen-based tablet that doubles as a monitor. In other words you draw directly on the tablet, just like a paper-based drawing, but digitally. In fact the surface of the Cintq monitor/tablet feels like paper under a pen. Synchrony of image with your movements is almost exact, and the micro difference doesn't seem to matter. The result is weirdly like ink, or paint, but with all the control and magic of Photoshop.