Awesome Liquid-Cooled 4K TV Mod Is The Ultimate Outdoor Gaming Display

Have you ever wanted to play Rocket League or watch your favorite sports team with friends in your backyard? Did you try taking your expensive TV outside to only find out that it wasn’t able to illuminate the screen to beat out the brightness of the mid-day sun? Well, a popular YouTuber decided to take on an outdoor TV DIY project to show how you can save a lot of money by using recycled products you may already have around and build your own.

If you have shopped for an outdoor TV that has a screen bright enough and is weatherproof, then you know it will cost you thousands of dollars. But never fear, DIY Perks Matt on YouTube has a solution! He was able to recycle a faulty 4K television screen, an old glass tabletop, some aluminum, bright LED panels, a car radiator, and a few other miscellaneous parts to build his outdoor TV for less than $400.Talk about thrifty!

The build is actually quite incredible. One of the more interesting aspects is the use of a car radiator for cooling the LED panels being used for backlighting. This ingenuity might make some PC builders shiver as they watch the radiator-cooled water cascading down the backside of the TV. But just like with a water-cooled PC build, everything is watertight and sealed to protect all the electronics.


The project does require a bit of skill and not everyone will have all the necessary parts just lying around. But most of the parts can be found online fairly cheap, and the radiator could be yanked out of an old car in a junkyard. So, if you have a bit of a DIY background, some tech savvy, and the patience to wait on reactive glue to dry ,this may be a project for you.

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