Avast Acquires Secure.me, Facebook's Top Security App

Avast, makers of the popular free antivirus software of the same name, today announced that it has acquired Secure.me, a privacy protection company that's mostly focused on social network security and helping users to keep sensitive information private. Secure.me's Facebook security app, which uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze and alert Facebook users to actions that could harm their privacy, security, and reputation, is actually the most popular of its kind on the world's largest social networking site, making it an attractive target for Avast.

Secure.me Privacy Scan

"The acquisition reinforces AVAST's position as a worldwide leader in security,” said AVAST Chief Executive Officer Vincent Steckler. "By including secure.me’s cutting-edge social-privacy and security technologies in our own security offerings, we will be giving customers even greater confidence in their online experience, whether they are on a PC, tablet, or a mobile device."

Secure.me Scan

Avast didn't disclose how much it paid for Secure.me, though the security firm did say it intends to fully integrate Secure.me's Facebook Security app, App Security browser extension, and iOS App technologies into both its free and premium offering by the end of the year.