AVADirect Now Offers Optional 30-day Dead Pixel Insurance on Quickship Laptops

Boutique system builder AVADirect is now offering a 30-day dead pixel warranty option for all Clevo Quickship notebooks. For those who purchase the warranty add-on, AVADirect will guarantee the notebook screen won't suffer from any dead pixels for up to a month from the date of receipt. That's groovy if even just a single dead pixel will mess up your mojo, but is 30 days enough time?

"AVADirect's 30 day dead-pixel warranty will ensure that its customers receive the absolute best display possible when selecting the 30 day dead-pixel warranty. Many may argue that 30 days is not enough time. However, studies show that the defect will emerge early within its lifetime, as opposed to appearing after extended use, thus making the 30 day dead-pixel warranty the perfect guarantee of LCD/LED image quality perfection," AVADirect explains.

AVADirect Dead Pixel Warranty

The 30-day, zero dead pixel option costs $60, which breaks down to $2 per day while it's in effect. That's not chump change, but if your job depends on pin-point accuracy (hardcore photo editing, for example), or if you're OCD, it's an option worth considering. We pinged AVADirect and asked what their standard dead pixel policy is and were told "up to two" are allowed before being considered defective.

AVADirect's line of Clevo-based Quickship notebooks start at $819.