AVADirect Now Offers 32Gb of RAM In Clevo, MSI and Asus Notebooks

Do you feel like your notebook is a little lean on RAM? If so, a new offering from AVADirect may be at the top of your holiday wish list. AVADirect has announced tested compatibility for 32GB RAM kits in over a dozen laptops from Celvo, MSI, and Asus. All of the compatible notebooks feature Intel's Sandy Bridge platform and offer 17.3 or 15.6-inch displays. Pricing will vary depending on the model and how much system RAM comes pre-configured by default.

AVADirect Now Offers 32Gb of RAM In Clevo, MSI and Asus Gaming Notebooks

AVADirect, a leading custom computer manufacturer, announces tested compatibility for 32GB RAM Kits now featured in the Clevo P170HM, P151HM, MSI GT780DXR-405US, GT683DXR-634US, and ASUS G53SX, G73SW, G74SX Gaming Notebooks.

The line of Sandy Bridge-based, 17.3 and 15.6 HD display gaming notebooks offer superb performance for the price. Until now, the notebooks were placed second as AVADirect's flagship notebook line when compared to the Clevo X7200, a desktop replacement that features an Intel 1366 desktop socket. With the option to upgrade the them up to 32GB of RAM using tested compatible RAM kits, end-users can take advantage of Clevo P170HM, P151HM, MSI GT780DXR-405US, GT683DXR-634US, and ASUS G53SX, G73SW, G74SX Gaming Notebooks capability by using added resource to edit photos, video, and open large-scale files/applications without an impact on consistently smooth performance.

AVADirect will continue to test unique solutions and confirm availability by listing these options on their website. The innovative custom computer builder strives on providing the latest in high-end hardware to provide professionals and enthusiasts with the right tools for desired tasks. AVADirect understands the importance of creating solutions for many different market segments while maintaining reliable, high-quality products. These standards are what separate AVADirect from its competitors.

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