AutoPark Aims To Prevent Parking Tickets for iPhone Owners

On Monday, Frolicware announced the availability of a new app, that for people who are in cities without much free parking, could be worth the $4.99 price. It's called AutoPark, and it aims to help you not just avoid parking tickets, but also to avoid forgetting where you parked.

Leveraging, quite obviously, the iPhone's GPS capabilities and Push Notifications, AutoPark will not only keep track of the time left on your parking meter, it will let you know when you're approaching its "limits." It will also help you find your car via GPS, if you parked on the street. Parked in a multi-story parking garage, instead? You can enter various information about the location, such as level, slot number, color code, or section into the app.

The app also includes a list of nearby services. Of course, this is frequently duplicated by free apps such as Mango. For now, AutoPark is a little limited in its nearby service list, with just Banks, Gas Stations, and Public Bathrooms. However, they say they will add more services in coming updates.

You can also email your car's location to a friend. Still better, you can include an optional photo with landmarks if you desire. It's $4.99, and considering the price of parking tickets, and the value of your time (assuming you get lost trying to find your car occasionally), it might just be a worthy purchase.