Auction Site eBay Wins Bid for PhiSix, Will Build a Virtual Fitting Room

One of the reasons why brick-and-mortar stores still exist is because online shopping lacks the ability to offer instant gratification. As it pertains to clothes shopping, another major disadvantage is not being able to try on items to see if they'll fit properly. Advancements in technology will eventually solve these problems, and as far as trying on clothes go, eBay just acquired a company that creates 3D models of clothing from photos, pattern files, and other sources.

The company is called PhiSix, and with the acquisition, eBay hopes to offer shoppers a virtual fitting room for a more immersive shopping experience. You'll be able to try on clothes before buying online, which will both enhance the shopping experience for the end user and result in less returns and exchanges.

3D Clothes Simulator

"PhiSix’s technology enables consumers to understand the fit and movement of clothes in an online shopping environment," said Steve Yankovich, vice president of Innovation and New Ventures of eBay Inc. "Consumers can experience the merchandise in a more efficient and impactful way, which we believe will drive sales for retailers and create a delightful experience for shoppers."

Going beyond just trying on clothes, online shoppers can use virtual fitting rooms to see how clothes look in different scenarios, like walking down the street or swinging a golf club, eBay says.

According to eBay, the technology it acquired can be used for omni-channel commerce to allow users to shop from any online device. In addition, eBay said it could integrate the PhySix technology throughout its portfolio.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.