AT&T Gigapower Fiber Network Launches In Durham, NC Ahead Of Local Google Fiber Rollout

Suits from AT&T and business representatives from Durham, North Carolina are high-fiving each other today as AT&T gets ready to cut the ribbon on its ultra-fast GigaPower fiber Internet service in the area. Today's rollout will cover the Bull City and Durham Country, providing residents with access to broadband Internet service of up to 1Gbps.

That's more than a 100 times faster than standard cable Internet speeds in the area, and just as important, AT&T has beaten Google the punch in North Carolina. That gives AT&T time to grab as many customers as it can before there's more competition, though Google isn't the only company it has to worry about.


Frontier Communications, the top provider of phone service in Durham County, also offers gigabit Internet service in select parts of the city and county. That's right, residents in Durham, North Carolina will soon have three gigabit provider to choose from, while most other parts of the country would be happy with a single option.

Time Warner Cable could eventually be a fourth option. The ISP recently bumped up Internet speeds for subscribers in what's called the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill), but has yet to offer fiber to the home.

AT&T has been aggressive in rolling out its GigaPower service in North Carolina. In addition to Durham, AT&T offers fiber Internet to five other cities that are part of the North Carolina Next Generation Network initiative, including Raleigh, Cary, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and Winston-Salem. Greensboro is next on the list.

Pricing and package details have not yet been announced.