AT&T's "Mark The Spot" App Tells Your Carrier Where It's Lacking

AT&T hasn't earned the greatest reputation since the launch of the iPhone. Most users in huge cities complain of reception issues, dropped calls and lackluster 3G response. Some folks aren't griping, but you don't have to look hard to find someone who isn't fond of the carrier. In fact, many are only sticking with AT&T due to its death grip on Apple's iPhone.

And for as many iPhone apps that have been rejected for one reason or another, it's somewhat interested that this one was let through. In fact, it looks as if AT&T is supporting this, though many are chuckling at its presence rather than seeing it as the tool it was designed to be. Essentially, the Mark The Spot application is an actual, dedicated app that informs AT&T of when and where you have a dropped call.

The app pinpoints where exactly the problem happened, but of course, it only transmits that data if you can find enough signal to send it. A strange situation, to be sure. It only works for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS handsets, and it enables users to "report dropped or failed calls, data failure, poor voice quality and no-coverage zones."

Honestly, we like this idea. It helps AT&T to pinpoint where it needs to expand/bolster its network, and while yes--it's a pain to take time out of your day to assist the shoddy network that you're paying for--at least this is a sign that the operator is listening. Whether or not it'll actually do anything with the data it gathers is another thing entirely.