AT&T ZERO Charger Kills Vampire Drain When Your Phone Is Unplugged

AT&T, as you may well know, is a U.S. cellphone operator. They provide cell service to millions of people, and they are the exclusive U.S. home of the iPhone. What AT&T is not, however, is a hardware company. Or maybe they are, judging by their most recent announcement. The company that sells wireless service to iPhone users across America has just announced a new cellphone charger, one that is supposed to waste much less energy than the chargers on the market already.

The AT&T ZERO charger will become available in company stores starting this May, and the unique thing about it is that it will stop utilizing energy (often called energy leaks or vampire power) whenever your phone is unplugged. It intelligently shuts itself down when it's not being used to power a device, and while you probably won't notice a great deal of savings on your power bill, these could really make a dent in energy waste if everyone were to use one. The AT&T ZERO charger works by automatically sensing when a mobile phone is not plugged up to the charger and cutting the power supply from the wall socket, and furthermore, the charger will be sold in packaging with 100% recycled paper.

There's no clear indication of which phones it will and won't work with, but if it'll handle USB, it'll charge most every smartphone introduced in past one or two years.