AT&T Wraps Up 700MHz Spectrum Purchase From Qualcomm

Mobile fanatics may remember a time when mobile TV had a chance in America. And those who blinked probably don't remember anything of the sort. America never has been much on mobile TV -- perhaps our lifestyles are just too crazy for long-term viewing on a mobile device, but the spectrum used for Qualcomm's short-lived FLO TV service is certainly valued. And AT&T, just days after calling it quits with their proposed T-Mobile USA acquisition, wants it.

The carrier that gets slammed on a seemingly weekly basis for not ever having enough capacity in major urban areas has just wrapped up a purchase of wireless spectrum from Qualcomm. AT&T purchased 700 MHz spectrum licenses covering more than 300 million people for approximately $1.9 billion. 700MHz spectrum is super valuable, and it's getting harder and harder to find these days. The real question is this: when will the purchase translate to more capacity for users?