AT&T To Kill Peer-To-Peer?

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson likens his company's network to being in a store watching DVDs being stolen.  The question then is whether to act or not to act, and for AT&T that seems like a no-brainer.  So what kinds of actions can AT&T take?  It appears that they're going to attempt to throttle all “rogue” peer-to-peer traffic, whether it starts/stops in their network or not.

“Such a move would affect more than just AT&T’s subscribers, as the company’s network investments represent a sizable chunk of the internet’s backbone – which results in almost all Internet data passing through its network at some point. Given that AT&T has, so far, been pensive about the scope of such a project, many are assuming the worst.”

Given the negative feedback from Comcast's efforts in this arena, including FCC complaints and promises of investigations, we're wondering how far AT&T will actually get with this plan.
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