AT&T to Jump on Shared Data Bandwagon

Speaking at the D9 conference earlier this week, AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega confirmed that the wireless carrier is "working on" a shared data plan. There aren't any plans in place just yet, nor did the CEO say what kind of price points AT&T is looking at, but the idea of having a single data plan for homes with multiple devices is one that is long overdue.

It's an idea that Verizon is considering, and one that T-Mobile just recently implemented. The shared data tiers for T-Mobile are:
  • 10GB for $120/month
  • 5GB for $90/month
  • 2GB for $80/month
  • 200MB for $70/month
Under T-Mobile's terms, Family Plans are good for up to 5 devices, and while the tiers look pricey at a glance, it's a lot more affordable than paying $30+ per line for a data plan.

As far as AT&T goes, Ralph de la Vega said the wireless carrier will introduce shared data plans soon, though stopped shy of announcing a launch data.