AT&T To Bring 4G LTE In-Flight Service To The Friendly Skies By 2015

The art of flying isn't getting any less uncomfortable, but at least you'll soon be able to get online via one more provider soon. AT&T has surprisingly announced this week that it too would love to grab a piece of the growing Wi-Fi in the sky pie, boosting 4G LTE speeds up to 35,000 feet as flyers crisscross the country. The service, planned to be available as soon as late 2015, will rival the likes of Row44 (Southwest) and Gogo (almost everyone else).

AT&T will be building an air-to-ground network in the continental United States based on 4G LTE standards, using it to blast high speeds to the sky. Presently, one of the largest gripes with in-air Wi-Fi is the speed; when multiple people are online, it's pretty tough to do anything beyond casual e-mail.

The company has yet to announce any partners or pricing, but it'll sure be nice to have improved speeds and increased competition in the sky.
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