AT&T Streamlines Global Data Plans, Starts With 120MB At $30/Month

International roaming has been, and continues to be, a huge ordeal. For the average consumer, the simple act of checking Facebook while abroad can lead to some pretty insane bill shock. In most nations outside of the U.S., the average carrier dings you for between $3 and $5 per megabyte. AT&T is changing up its international roaming packages today, and while they still aren't "affordable," it's arguably a move in the right direction, if only a small one. The new Global Data Packs, which can be added during months that you'll be traveling overseas, include a bit more data from the get-go. The new packs will be available on June 1st, with $30/month getting you 120MB overseas. Larger plans include $60/month for 300MB and $120/month for 800MB. If you go over, you'll automatically get dinged $30 for another 120MB.

Basically, the plans are being streamlined, making it easier to choose. The rates here are effective in 135 nations, but it's still worth pinging AT&T to make sure the place you're heading is included. Or, better still, just try and buy a prepaid SIM once you arrive -- you'll pay way less for data.
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