AT&T Scores Exclusive For Intel-Powered MICA Smart Wearable Fashion Communication Accessory

Remember MICA? The wildest smartwatch this side of the Moto 360, developed by Intel, and full of mystery? Turns out, it's a real product, and it'll be available to people just like yourself real soon. The My Intelligent Communication Accessory was designed by a company called Opening Ceremony, and Intel's engineering department handled the rest. It's aimed at "fashion-forward women," and is described as an "intelligent bracelet composed of precious gems and Ayers snakeskin."

To get one, you'll need to part ways with $495, and you'll have to head to stores that have little to do with technology in order to do so. For that fare, two years of AT&T wireless data are thrown in gratis, which is hopefully a sign of things to come for other data-requiring watches as well. MICA will provide access to text messages, Gmail notifications, Facebook events, Calendar events, and more -- all via "discreet notifications" on the wrist. It'll be available by early December in the United States and will retail exclusively at Opening Ceremony New York and Los Angeles, select Barneys New York locations, and online at and

"Mobile technology really guides everything we do. The issue for many consumers on wearable technology lies in the fact that the devices typically are not attractive and are often times cumbersome,” said Daniella Vitale, chief operating officer and senior executive vice president, Barneys New York. “Opening Ceremony founders Carol and Humberto, along with Intel, had the prescience to create something functional but also beautiful and chic."

While little was known about specific functionality before, we're now learning that vibration-based alerts, a curated VIP contact list and customizable quick replies will deliver notifications directly to the wrist. Gmail and Google Calendar are also supported, but it's unclear if other email clients are as well. MICA offers intelligent reminders, “Time to Go” (TTG), powered by TomTom and Intel, that dynamically adjust based on location to account for the time required to get to the next appointment. MICA also provides users with access to Yelp local search, which includes business ratings and reviews. MICA wearers can use Yelp to locate restaurants, shops and other local businesses nearby.

As for fashion choices? One style features black water snake skin, pearls from China and lapis stones from Madagascar, while the other style features white water snake skin, tiger’s eye from South Africa and obsidian from Russia. The device offers up micro-USB charging and up to two days of battery life, and as for now, it'll only be available in the U.S.