AT&T Rolls 4G LTE Out To 11 New Markets; Now Reaching 74M Customers

More LTE! Celebrate! If you're an AT&T customer waiting to catch up with Sprint and Verizon in the speed department, you just might have a reason to party. The carrier just announced 11 more markets for their 4G LTE rollout, making it available now in 26 total areas including NYC Metro, San Francisco, Los Angeles. This addition makes AT&T 4G LTE available in a total of 26 markets to 74 million consumers. As for the new guys? Let's take a look:

New markets where AT&T 4G LTE is now available are: New York City metro area, Austin, Chapel Hill, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orlando, Phoenix, Raleigh, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose.

The expansion adds to 15 AT&T 4G LTE markets launched in 2011: Athens, Ga.; Atlanta; Baltimore; Boston; Charlotte; Chicago; Dallas-Fort Worth; Houston; Indianapolis; Kansas City; Las Vegas; Oklahoma City; San Antonio; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Washington, D.C.

AT&T expects its 4G LTE deployment to be largely complete by the end of 2013, which means that this rollout should be just one of many others to come in 2012. Here's to "real" 4G!