AT&T Revises International Data Rates, But They're Still Pricey

Using data overseas is an expensive endeavor. A remarkably expensive one. It's one that only the bold will journey into, and even those with expense accounts will think twice about using it when they don't have to. International roaming remains a class-A ripoff from every angle you see it, and there's no just great way for anyone on a U.S. carrier to use data on their phones while traveling overseas. Unless you choose a third-party solution or a local SIM.

But it'd be so much easier if carriers just had reasonable roaming rates. That's no closer to happening, but AT&T is at least taking a small step in the right direction. The company recently revised their international roaming data rates, and while they are around half as expensive as they once were, they're still outrageous. That said, it's better than no adjustment at all, and perhaps this will push other operators to do them one better.

Starting July 17th, a 50MB pack of international data will cost $24.99, whereas that used to only buy 20MB. Other plans provide up to 800MB, with prices ranging from $24.99 to $199.99 for monthly packs. Not a bargain, but at least better than last month. Slowly but surely, we're making progress on a very important front; but it still needs to progress faster.