AT&T Reveals $50 Novatel MiFi For 3G Internet On The Go

Ah, the MiFi! It's a great product, and one that's probably overlooked and under-appreciated by most consumers who don't see a burning need to carry around a live 3G connection when they commute or travel. But for those who remain connected at all times, or long to remain connected at all times, there's hardly a better product on the market. Tethering a smartphone definitely does the trick, but it quickly drains battery life and ties up your phone's connection. The MiFi is a standalone pebble, but for those who prefer AT&T's high-speed 3G, they haven't been able to indulge.

In practice, AT&T's 3G really is speedier than the CDMA rivals, but you need to be within a well-covered AT&T area to see it. If you happen to live in one of those well-covered spots, you may be interested in picking up an AT&T-branded Novatel MiFi. The MiFi itself isn't really different than those offered already on other carriers, but this one ships with an AT&T SIM card. It will go on sale Nov. 21 for $49.99 after a $100 MIR, but that includes a microSD slot and support for browsed-based widgets and integrated A-GPS.

The device supports 7.2Mbps downloads, but you'll need to pay up for a 200MB/month plan ($35) or a 5GB/month plan ($60). If you opt to buy one off-contract, you can also select more plans between 100MB and 1GB per month.
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