AT&T Rethinks Ad Campaign: Positivity, Not Verizon Bashing

At last, the war is over. We hope. For months now, AT&T and Verizon Wireless have been airing advertisements poking fun at one another, and oftentimes, being downright rude to one another. A lawsuit even popped up between the pair late last year, but that was eventually dropped. Still, the ads didn't stop, and while Verizon has been boasting about their huge 3G network, AT&T has been touting their "97% of Americans" coverage rate and the ability to talk and surf the Web at the same time.

Really, the ads weren't doing either company a lot of good. Experts say neither company really stole customers from the other during the ad run, and now it looks like AT&T is finally taking things in a different direction. A positive direction. The new campaign, called "Rethink Possible" diverts from the bitter tone taken in the prior ads and shows a lot of warm colors, positive thoughts and uplifting points.

The ads still point out AT&T's ability to let users surf and talk simultaneously, but bashing Verizon is gone. The company is also taking this opportunity to highlight their other offerings: U-verse (TV and Internet) and home phone. AT&T really is a telecom company, not just a wireless carrier, and it's about time they started marketing all of their services together. Have a look at the ad below and see how refreshing it is. We're really glad for the change, and we hope both companies save some of this ad money and invest in their networks, instead.