AT&T Raises U-verse Data Caps And Reintroduces Unlimited Data For Extra $30 Per Month

While it might have been difficult to imagine 15 years ago, so much of our daily lives are now dependent on the Internet. This has led to a surge in data hogging products and services, like high-definition and even 4K video streams, massive game downloads, and so forth. Data caps are inherently at odds with this transition from offline to online experiences, and if you're an AT&T U-verse subscriber, you'll soon have the option of removing yours, for a fee.

Beginning May 23rd, AT&T will roll out a new unlimited data option for its U-verse home Internet customers. For an extra $30 per month, AT&T will remove your data cap so you can roam the Internet and partake in its many offerings unencumbered, just as the Internet gods always intended it to be.

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Be that as it may, most U-verse subscribers might not need the unlimited headroom. According to AT&T, its home Internet customers use just over 100GB of data per month, which is less than even its smallest data cap. On top of that, AT&T plans to roll out automatic data cap increases, also on May 23. Here's a look:
  • 768 Kbps - 6 Mbps: 300GB (up from 250GB)
  • 12 Mbps - 75 Mbps: 600GB (up from 250GB)
  • 100 Mbps - 1 Gbps: 1TB (up from 500GB)

The new lowest tier equates to 100 hours of HD video streaming, while the middle and top tiers work out to 240 hours and 400 hours, respectively. These are decent bumps, especially for anyone subscribed to 12 Mbps or higher.

Finally, if you're a U-verse Internet subscriber and also get DirecTV or U-verse TV service that pays for services on a single bill, AT&T will remove your data cap at no charge also starting May 23rd.