AT&T Puts HTC One X On Sale: $200 For Your Next Android Superphone

What is widely seen as the best Android phone on the market right now is... well, finally on the market. HTC's One X is now available from AT&T stores, both the online version and physical outlets. If you need a brushing-up, there's a 4.7" capacitive touchpanel, a 1280x720 screen resolution, Android 4.0 and a processor that keeps things as smooth as butter. This handset is clearly HTC's new flagship device, and it's looking very likely as being the phone that puts the company back on its highway to stardom. Of course, the Galaxy S III is looming, but that phone isn't out yet. And besides, was viewed mostly as a letdown given all the hype.

The One X can be yours for $199 on a new 2-year contract. So, are you in, or are you holding out for something else?