AT&T: Palm Pre "Coming Soon"

Come Sunday May 16th, AT&T will begin offering the Palm Pre Plus, fleshing out the wireless carrier's stable of high-end smartphones that currently include HTC's Pure, several BlackBerry devices, a little known smartphone from Apple called the iPhone, and a spattering of other models. The Palm Pre Plus will run $150 after mail-in-rebate and with a 2-year service agreement.

That's considerably more than what Verizon's charging for the same smartphone, who sells the device for just $50, and also more than Sprint, who sells the Pre for $100. So why shell out more dough for AT&T? Good question, though for a limited time, AT&T is throwing in a free Palm Touchstone induction-based charger when the phone is picked up at a corporate-owned store, eWeek reports.

AT&T's version of the Pre will reportedly include a handful of software incentives, like Wi-Fi access to the network's more than 20,000 hotspots and a navigator app. But will the added perks be enough to convince users to both ditch Verizon and pay more? You tell us (in the comments section below).