AT&T Pads Your Data Pool In 25MB Increments For Completing ‘Data Perks’ Surveys

In a perfect world, wireless carriers would do away with data caps altogether and there would be much rejoicing. Unfortunately that's not the way the wireless world works -- barring a pricey unlimited plan, we all pay for a set amount of data per month and adjust our usage accordingly. But what if it's not enough? You can upgrade your plan, go over your data allotment and pay any applicable penalties, or take surveys for more headroom.

Say what now? The survey thing is new, at least in exchange for data. AT&T is the one playing around with the idea through a new program called Data Perks, which allows you to "earn extra data from your favorite brands." You do that by participating in surveys, taking advantage of shopping offers, signing up for subscriptions, and more.


The amount of data you earn depends on the specific task you completed. For example, you might earn 50MB for completing a survey or more than 100MB for spending over a certain amount at a particular retailer. The deals and subsequent data perks are varied.

Once you've earned some data, you can transfer it over to your AT&T account for use within your billing cycle. You can choose how much to transfer in 25MB increments, up to 1GB per billing period. Any data you transfer is used before your monthly plan's data allowance.

To take advantage of Data Perks, you'll need to download a free app to your iPhone device running iOS 7.0 or later (go here), or Android handset running running Android 4.0 or above (go here).