AT&T Offers Up New GoPhone Prepaid Data Packages

Look, not everyone is into the idea of contracts. And for those people, there are plenty of prepaid options on the table. AT&T is hoping to get itself back in the prepaid spotlight soon with new prepaid data packages. It's good news for users, too, as the new packages include "double the data or more for the same price for GoPhone customers." The changes go into play on April 22, with 1GB costing $25, 200MB costing $15 and 50MB costing $5. Per usual, all data packages are available on the $50 Unlimited Talk & Text nationwide plan for GoPhone smartphones and the $25 Unlimited Text with 250 minutes nationwide GoPhone plan.

Now, if only the prepaid phone selection would get a little better...oh, wait, there needs to be incentive to go postpaid, right?
Tags:  ATT, Data, prepaid