AT&T Now Shipping 10.1" HTC Jetstream Honeycomb Tablet

That HTC Jetstream that we managed to get our hands around early? It's on sale! AT&T is now shipping their latest Honeycomb tablet, and while it's one of the fastest slates we've ever touched, it's also one of the most expensive. The LTE radio definitely sets it apart, but given that AT&T has only five LTE markets to showcase right now (three of which are in Texas), it's hard to recommend this unit based on heightened wireless speeds alone.

The no-contract pricing on this guy is a staggering $849.99, which overshoots the iPad and just about everything else by a mile. The 2-year contract price is $699.99, which is no more reasonable. It's tough to see yourself strapped down for 2 years to a tablet that'll be outdated in half a year, but if you have reasons that override our hesitations, the unit can be purchased right now directly through AT&T.