AT&T Launching Digital Life Home Automation In 15 Markets This Spring

Home automation has been a lagging industry in the mainstream. Sure, those with plenty of disposable income can have their whole home wired up to react to their every word, but what about the rest of us? With no major standardization efforts in place, there's little hope that mainstream users will have affordable ways to automate their home... or will they? AT&T is hoping to bridge that gap with Digital Life, and it has just announced an expansion of Digital Life launch markets. Customers in 15 markets across the U.S. will soon get to experience the newest technology in home security and automation, with the expansion moving that up from just eight markets this Spring. AT&T will continue to launch Digital Life in new markets across the nation, with plans to reach up to 50 markets by the end of 2013.

With just an app, customers can easily manage and control security and automation devices by setting up programs and alerts. For instance, you can get a notice when your front porch video camera sees motion or set your system to turn on lights, unlock the door and change the thermostat when the garage door opens. The all-digital, wireless Digital Life platform allows extensive flexibility with the sensors and services available to customers which include water leak, CO, smoke and glass break sensors, thermostats for managing energy, wirelessly-controlled door locks, video cameras, and more.

Customers may experience the services inside an AT&T store before making a purchase, order through a call center representative, visit, or schedule an appointment with an in-home sales consultant. Naturally, it won't come cheap, but it'll sure be interesting to see how the early adopters dig it.