AT&T Launching 3G MicroCell Across The Nation

AT&T's 3G MicroCell was a huge hit when it was announced last year, but the major problem was that it was only available in select areas. If you aren't sure what this device is or why you should care, it's basically a tiny cell site for your house. If you get horrible service while at home, this basically puts the nearest cell tower right beside your router, which means you'll have 5-bars of 3G service at all times while you're at home if you have one of these. Sounds appealing, right iPhone owners?

AT&T has this week announced that the 3G MicroCell is finally ready to make its nationwide debut, with the national rollout beginning early next month. New markets will begin activations across the U.S. for the next several months, enabling any AT&T user with lackluster coverage at home to buy one, plug it into their home broadband connection and then enjoy enhanced coverage while at home. When you leave, the phone automatically hops to the next nearest "real" tower, and in theory, you'll never drop a call while driving out onto the freeway.

Another unique feature is the MicroCell's ability to support both 3G data and voice services, which means 3G data will also be available in your home. The device is priced at $149.99 with no additional monthly fees. If you choose, however, you can pay $19.99 per month for individual or Family Talk customers can make unlimited calls through a 3G MicroCell, without using minutes in their monthly wireless voice plan. If you don't, you'll use your standard minutes while talking over a MicroCell connection.

Consumers who select 3G MicroCell calling plans at purchase are also eligible to receive a $100 mail-in-rebate toward the purchase of AT&T 3G MicroCell – effectively making the device about $50. Customers who also purchase a new line of broadband service with AT&T (DSL or U-verse 1.5MB or higher) are also eligible for $50 via mail-in-rebate– effectively making the device about $100.  If a customer is eligible for both rebate options, the customer will be able to get the device for $0, after mail-in rebate.  

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