AT&T Launches U-Verse TV Wireless Receiver

Wires, wires, everywhere. Talk about a nightmare. AT&T thinks so, and that's part of the reason why they're launching the industry's first integrated wireless receiver, which aims to give U-verse TV customers more freedom to watch TV shows anywhere, in any room throughout the home. The new U-verse TV Wireless Receiver is the first fully-integrated wireless receiver available from any TV provider, and gives U-verse TV customers even more freedom to watch TV when and where they want it, including rooms without an existing U-verse outlet. The Wireless Receiver will be available for order on Monday, Oct. 31. With the U-verse Wireless Receiver, you can enjoy:

The flexibility to design your room and arrange your furniture to suit your style, since the TV is no longer tied to the TV outlet, the ability to have a TV in rooms not typically wired for TV, including an outdoor covered patio, the ability to easily move your TV for special events and the ability to move your TV to the guest room or basement for house guests. Looking for a demo? Good thing there's a video right here.